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The historical maps are reproductions of historic or antique maps that are in the public domain. The original maps generally reside in government archives or libraries. Due to their age, the original maps almost universally have some moderate to severe damage such as water stains, tears or folds. The maps are digitially cleaned to a state much like they would have been when first published. Most of our historical maps are available either framed or as paper maps only. In addition, some of the framed maps also have the option of matting. When indicated, they can be printed on either bright white, or parchment-like paper with archival quality ink.

Texas and Surrounding CountriesTexas 1844 Map
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Texas Coast Showing Points of Occupation of Expedition of Maj. Gen. N.P. Banks: Nov'r 1863Texas Coast 1863 Map
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San Antonio to Austin Military Route San Antonio to Austin Military Route map
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